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Mia Matthews Sound of Music

Matthews steals the show more than once with her bossy portrayal of Diane.
– Sun New Miami

The acting is uniformly strong. Matthews as Diane, the acerbic movie agent, pulls no punches. She has hungrily bit into this role and devours it with relish. One of her best moments is during a phone conversation with her client when she suspects he may drop her as his agent. Her manicured fingernails tapping on her teeth, in anticipation of this, add the perfect punctuation to her emotional state.
-Edge Miami

It is Matthews, a veteran of the Nickelodeon TV series, “Every Witch Way,” who delivers most of the stinging jabs and jokes and propels the sometimes tedious, two-and-a half hour-long show.
– South Florida Gay News

Matthews is excellent as the acerbic Diane. She’s a tall drink of water who oozes sultriness and wears clothes like a runway model. Her expressions, which show her true feelings as she schmoozes phone callers, are hilarious. She glides through scenes, impeccably dressed, doling out her harsh, no-nonsense advice like a 21st century fairy godmother.
– MiamiArtZine

Serving as narrator, deconstructor and deliverer of Beane’s most acid-dipped lines is Mia Matthews, one of the stars of Nickelodeon’s Every Witch Way. Statuesque, slender and stunning, Matthews plays Mitchell’s agent Diane, a lesbian who’s too busy working every trick in the Hollywood playbook to bother with a personal life. Matthews’ line readings are delicious, darts that would be lethal if they weren’t so funny.
– Miami Herald

Diane, the venal agent played with lean-in deliciousness by Mia Matthews
– Sun Sentinel

Mia Matthews Sound of Music

But it is Mia Matthews who takes the supporting character of Baroness Elsa Schraeder to heights not seen in a role that’s usually one dimensional — in fact, it’s written that way. Yet Matthews bucks this tradition, making the most of every scene, never once throwing away a line or skimping on a grand entrance (and talk about grand entrances: she’s exceptionally striking in a full length red dress custom designed for Matthews’ Elsa by designer Robin Buerger). This Baroness has plenty of back story, for sure. What makes this Elsa more of a modern woman are her contemporary priorities. When she makes the decision that it’s time to part ways with the Captain, it’s not only because she needs to protect her heart, but also because she’s a shrewd businesswoman. This is the first time I gave a thought to whatever happened to Elsa Schraeder post Von Trapp. A spinoff perhaps?
– Miamiartzine

I also admired the decision to present Elsa Schraeder (Mia Matthews) not as a one-note, unlikable caricature of bourgeois entitlement, as other productions have. Matthews crafted such a mature and touching performance that it makes the captain’s drift toward his spunky governess seem almost tragic.
-Boca Magazine

Kudos, too, for Mia Matthews’ willowy Elsa, an elegant aristocrat with a head for business. Her elegant mien, sophistication and silver voice made men in the audience wonder what was wrong with the Captain for not marrying her.
– Bill Hershman, Florida theater onstage

Being Alive Poster Mia Matthews

The critics went wild over Mia and Wayne when they starred as the leading couple finding love a second time around in Neil Simon’s “Chapter Two” at the Plaza.

“Matthews and LeGette have so much electricity sparking back and forth between them…”
– Sun-Sentinel

“The production continues improving, coasting on the infectious chemistry between LeGette and Matthews, who are as comfortable with cutesy repartee as they are mental knife-twisting”
– Boca Magazine

Chapter Two Poster Mia Matthews

I saw Neil Simon’s “Chapter Two” last night and….what a nice surprise! Handsome set, good writing, great direction (by Michael Leeds), and a terrific cast of four (including Wayne LeGette, Kim Cosort and Kenneth Kay.) And I fell in LOVE LOVE LOVE with the OH so appealing & winning leading lady…the fabulous Mia Matthews. WOW. I recommend it!
-Tony Finstrom: Theatre blogger and aficionado – TonysLatest, creator of Silver Palm Awards

“Sharp cast gives Simon’s old play a new shine at The Plaza Theatre in Manalapan. The find of the production is Palm Beach singer-socialite Mia Matthews, an actress with some New York credits who is returning to the stage, an aptly pert presence as she puzzles over how to be a patient helpmate to George.”
-Palm Beach Post: Full Review Here

“Neil Simon’s Chapter Two Masters The Meld Of Wit And Pathos At The Plaza…Matthews’ and LeGette create human beings struggling to get through another day. They make a convincing couple with more than enough chemistry to make their whirlwind courtship absolutely plausible. They both handle the comic lines with classic Simon timing, but they also dive fearlessly into the fear that sometimes keeps people from reaching out for love.”
-Florida Theater On Stage: Full Review Here

The Bombshell Show

“Mia is the total package. She has the looks, talent, class, energy, warmth, and sense of humor that every producer and director look for in a performer. She radiates on stage whether in a comedic or dramatic scene, in a ballad or uptempo, with a special sense of flair for comedy, and exudes a warmth that connects with the audience. She is an engaging performer and equally as important, is an engaging human being. As a producer, I look for performers that are not only talented, but know how to work with others, have a good work ethic, become a part of “the team,” and truly care about not just the production they’re in and doing a good job, but that the theatre succeeds as well. This unselfish and caring attitude is rare and is why she has earned her spot as a part of our “repertory” company.”
– Alan Jacobson, Producing Director – The Plaza Theatre

“Mia Matthews is a top notch first rate singer. A real thorough going pro. She is meticulous when it comes to digging deeply into a lyric. A very serious musician. Plus a first rate dancer and comedienne on top of everything else.”
– Barry Levitt (former) Artistic Director of 92nd street Y Lyrics and Lyricists